18" Drum

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18" Drum

The 18" Drum is a versatile and powerful instrument that will elevate your musical performances to new heights. With its sleek design and exceptional sound quality, this drum is perfect for professional drummers and enthusiasts alike.


  • 18" size for a deep and resonant sound
  • High-quality construction for durability and long-lasting performance
  • Beautiful black and gray finish for a sleek and stylish look
  • Easy to play with responsive drumheads
  • Adjustable tension rods for precise tuning
  • Portable and lightweight design for convenient transportation


  • Create captivating rhythms and beats with the 18" Drum's deep and resonant sound
  • Experience exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring that the drum will withstand even the most energetic performances
  • Enhance your stage presence with the drum's sleek and stylish black and gray finish
  • Enjoy effortless playing with the drum's responsive drumheads, allowing for smooth and precise drumming
  • Easily achieve your desired sound with the adjustable tension rods, giving you full control over the drum's pitch and tone
  • Take the drum with you wherever you go, thanks to its portable and lightweight design


  • Size: 18"
  • Color: Black and Gray
  • Material: High-quality construction
  • Tuning: Adjustable tension rods

Whether you're a professional drummer looking for a reliable instrument or a beginner wanting to explore the world of percussion, the 18" Drum is the perfect choice. Its exceptional sound quality, durable construction, and stylish design make it a standout instrument in any musical setting.

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18" Drum