Cornwall Iron Base Side Table

Base *
Color Wash *
Light Wax
Honey Stain
Medium Wax
Chocolate Wax
Dark Walnut
Barn Red
Rustic Red
Cowboy Orange
Sunflower Yellow
Granny Smith
Prairie Green
Native Turquoise
Mediterranean Turquoise
Sapphire Blue
Osage Sky
Porcelain White
Antique White
Weathered Barn Gray
Midnight Black

 Crafted of recycled wood and cast iron, this table is perfect for an antique or rustic feel. Both bases are adjustable to the height you choose. It would do wonderfully to showcase your favorite house plants or sit alongside your sofa as a perch for your coffee or tea. 

Want a custom LOREC Ranch color wash? We can customize the details to your desires!  Call a LOREC Ranch representative for details at (405) 948-0018. Original and LOREC colors available as listed below. Check out our Design Studio for hide and nail head options!

Dimensions: 24x24x28/43" (Base A & B)


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