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History Lesson: A brand may consist of a letter, number, character, or symbol, or a combination of one or more of any or all of these. Until modern times, to prevent theft, livestock being driven across country were required to be 'road branded'. The brands were painted on with pine tar or paint in early history. Later, when the vast trail herds of cattle were driven North to market, hot iron brands were used. Brands are considered the trademark for the range land signifying pride of ownership in livestock.

Show your pride of ownership on your steak, or anything else for that matter with LOREC Ranch's made in Oklahoma steak brands. Made of iron, they can be heated over a simple charcoal grill. We recommend spraying with cooking spray before branding your steak to prevent sticking. Any letter from A-Z as well as designs (bull rider, bronc rider, longhorn, OSU cowboy, & OU, etc.) can be ordered.

Immediately shipped.


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