Famous in a Small Town


We feel so blessed to be part of Pawhuska, and fall is our favorite time of the year. From football games to fall holidays, no other season is as cozy. We have been so lucky to be part of everything that is Pawhuska. And even more lucky to be mentioned not once, twice, but three times in recent months in Pioneer Woman Magazine and Food Network Magazine. We truly love when the crew from Food Network visits our small town, and drops in on us here at LOREC Ranch Home Furnishings of Pawhuska. They have filmed several times in our showroom for the "ask Ree" segment of The Pioneer Woman. We were even more flattered when, recently, we were asked to help stage the Pioneer Woman Event Center "available for meetings, occasions,shindigs & hootenannies" for a birthday party for one of the film crew's 30th Birthday. We just can not express how much we LOVE PAWHUSKA, and how much we love "Being Famous in a Small Town" 



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