Cowboys & Indians' Open Range: Western Storefront


When it comes to understanding the essence of Western furniture design, Dr. Kari Lopez is well-studied. Before opening the doors of LOREC Ranch, her Oklahoma City-based home furnishings business, Lopez could be found abroad, soaking in the cultures that have inspired Western homes for decades.

She fell in love with the West after relocating to Mexico for medical school in 1989, surrounded by the rich charro and caballero cultures. She discovered a deep appreciation for their Old World, hacienda-style homes and the distinct materials that went into their signature decor style.

After Mexico came Chicago, then Oklahoma, where Lopez would eventually set up shop in Oklahoma City, then Pawhuska, neighboring Ree Drummond's now-famous Pioneer Woman Mercantile. "The ranching community is all around us, and I love how the people do business based on a trusting handshake," Lopez says.

Aligned with these values of the Western Culture, LOREC Ranch takes pride in its American-made products, making home decor dreams into reality in the Heartland of the United States. Seventy percent of the company's furniture is handcrafted in house - at its manufacturing plant in Oklahoma City.

Now expanded to three locations, including the most recent location in Amarillo, Texas, LOREC ranch has captured its clientele with a trained eye in fine details and materials. "We use premium cowhides and leathers, as well as solid wood," Lopez explains. "We truly believe in customizing pieces of furniture that create a legacy and never have to be purchased again." 

-excerpt from Cowboys & Indians Magazine, February/March 2020 issue

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